Monday, March 26, 2007

Bad Username Indeed

I just tried to sign in to blogger but got an error message indicating a bad username, which would have been scottishmelanie had I not missed out the "c" . Avid readers of my blog will probably think the revised epithet not without justification. Anyway, it delighted my childish heart, firstly because this egregious manifestation of my in any case sempiternally cack-handed typing probably owes something to the after-effects of the impressive volume of whisky sour I sucked back last night; and secondly because the shortness and ease of the step from Scottish to Sottish spoke to me at a deep level. My love of whisky sours may be the ultimate expression of my ethnicity: what other confection combines an irrepressable enthusiasm for hard liquor with the thrifty instinct not to waste whisky too rough for drinking neat? They say you are what you eat, so better Scotch than Polish, I suppose.


Blogger Bo said...

Love have you heard the brilliant medieval joke made by John Eriugena/John the Scot on precisely this? He was having a drinking bout in the Carolingian court with his mate and patron the Emperor Charles the Bald, and Charles pointed at him and slurred provocatively: 'What ish there between a Scot, and a sot?!' To which John replied in an instant: 'The table'.

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